Individual Landfill Acquisitions or Developments

Chester Solid Waste to Energy facility

Along with Westinghouse, we developed what remains the nation's largest waste to energy facility processing over 2800 tons per day of solid waste into energy.

Valley Landfill, Murrysville, PA (sold 1992)

A large landfill development that cost about $24m to acquire and build and was sold to a public company and now owned by Waste Management.

Christian Country Landfill, Springfield, IL (sold 1992)

This is a large landfill in central Illinois that was acquired, redeveloped and then fairly quickly sold to Waste Management.

Cougar Landfill, Houston, TX (sold 1995)

Just 11 miles from downtown Houston, we permitted and constructed a construction and demolition landfill and sold it prior to opening to a predecessor of Waste Management

Casella Waste Systems Landfills, NH and VT (sold to Casella 1994)

Laural worked with Casella Waste to buy its first two landfills in New Hampshire and Vermont and ultimately swapped our interest for shares of Casella prior to its public offering.

GEK Landfill, Ft. Payne, AL (sold 2000)

We acquired this landfill in 1999 and sold it a year later to Allied Waste in a three way swap with Waste Industries wherein Waste Industries gained the Sampson County Landfill in NC.

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